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At MH Tech Centre, we are experienced in wired and wireless CCTV installation, ranging from domestic to small or medium business installations.

We can come to the property to assess and quote you for what you’d like to be built. Then we can provide equipment, best matched to your needs, and our engineers will build a system tailor-made to your requirements.

Complete with networked DVR hard drive recorders, your CCTV installation records the footage and stores it in digital format, accessible from your computer or smartphone.

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  • Ring Home smart CCTV
  • Annke home CCTV
  • Built to exact needs
  • Networked recording
  • Video Data files
  • Easy access
  • Mobile app
  • Home security
  • All needs considered
You guys work very well! I am so impressed by how my laptop was and how they turned it into an amazing machine. The best choice I have ever made!

Andre J.

Best computer store in Market Harborough and surrounding areas!

Michal Szym