Computer Builds

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We offer complete computer builds and sales, whether you need a home media PC, Office PC or a dedicated server with networked storage, we can build a system to meet your needs.

At MH Tech Centre, we build your bespoke system, precisely to your wants and needs.

We also have refurbished machines for a more budget-minded PC; using some new and some used or older generation parts to create for you a very cost-effective PC.

It can all be discussed and then built and set up in-store to your requirement.

We can then come out to your home or business to install and set up whatever you require.

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  • Bespoke
  • All Brands available
  • All levels dependent upon need
  • Home PC
  • Business PC
  • Server
  • Home Cinema
  • Audio Recording
  • Video Editing
  • Purpose built
  • Thorough design and construction
You guys work very well! I am so impressed by how my laptop was and how they turned it into an amazing machine. The best choice I have ever made!

Andre J.

Best computer store in Market Harborough and surrounding areas!

Michal Szym